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Leah's blog

December 2016


The Hygge FactorThe buzz word this winter is the Scandinavian tradition of Hygge (pronounced Hoo-gah). Magazines are full of suggestion how to hug your home with cushions, throws, scented candles and log fires as well as comfort food to survive the dark dreich dog days of winter to come.

Any country dweller will tell you we’ve been doing it for decades, warming up stone walls , small windows and draughts with shutters, peg rugs and handmade quilts on comfy sofas before a blazing fire.



Chistmas QuiltI indulged my inner quilt maker with a beautiful quilted Christmas table cloth but now the thought of spilling goose grease or mulled wine over it would be a pity so now trying to find a place to display it.

I have a humble Christmassy mat I made years ago which can any amount of punishment. One thing I love at this time of year is to light the lamps at dusk , close the shutters and curtains when the wind and rain( never snow these days) rattle round the house, then hunker down with a good book and a box of chocs or put on the carol CDs and recall singing them in choirs.


The simple pleasures of the season are to be enjoyed so enjoy them like a warm hug and give to those charities that provide comfort for the homeless and destitute. Surely that’s the best hug of all...Happy Christmas Leah

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