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english language books

Dancing at the Victory CafeDancing at the Victory Cafe

The Last PearlThe Last Pearl

The Lady in the Veil -Ebook NovellaLady in the Veil

The PostcardThe Postcard by Leah Fleming

The Girl Under the Olive TreeThe Girl Under the Olive Tree

The Captain's DaughterThe Captains Daughter

Winter's ChildrenWinters Children

Orphans of War Orphans of War

Remembrance DayRemembrance Day

- The War Widows -The War Widows

The Girl from World's EndThe Girl From Worlds End

- Mothers and Daughters-Mothers and Daughters
































international books


The Girl Under the Olive Tree - The Girl Under the Olive Tree - Greek Version

La mappa segreta dell'amoreLa Mappa Segreta Dell'Amore

L'enfant du TitanicL'enfant du Titanic

La strada in fondo al mareLa strada in fondo al mare

Schiff der tausend TraumeSchiff der tausend traume

Corka KapitanaCorka Kapitana Leah Fleming

La jeune fille sour l'olivierLa jeune fille sous l'olivierJenta Under OliventreetJenta under oliventreet

Die Karte der SehnsuchtDie Karte der Sehnsucht

Postkortet Postkortet by Leah Fleming

La Chica Bajo el OlivoLa Chica Bajo el Olivo

La Carte PostalLa Carte Postale

Den Siste PerlenDen siste perlen

L'ultima collana di perleL'ultima collana di perle