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Mothers and Daughters

Best friends, worst enemies and a bond that can never be broken! A poignant new tale from the English Maeve Binchy. 

Crete, present day. A woman anxiously awaits the arrival of someone who could change her life for ever! Lancashire, the 1950s. Three young girls make their way in a brave new post-war world. But can they escape the trappings of the past? Bookworm Connie dreams of university. Brought up on myths about her mysterious father, her life is turned upside down when she accidentally discovers the truth about him.

This story was originally attached to my first Grimbleton novel: War Widows  as part of the later history of the Winstanley family in the 1950s and 60s. Then as tales often do, it took on a life of its own and can be read as a stand- alone novel.

Characters who were babies in the first book are now teenagers and we follow their separate fates into the present day. Some of the old favourites make guest appearances. The title comes from the tensions between all mothers and their daughters as they fight for independence.

At its core is the emotional effect of giving up a secret child for adoption on one of the girls, Connie and how their friendships survive this secret. It also gave me the chance to take the story to Crete and explore some of the history of  Connie’s mother and her Cretan legacy.

I drew from my own experience and those of many friends and relatives in trying to capture the authenticity of the “swinging sixties” in a provincial town.

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